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Sor Juana

"Sor Juana reveals an exquisite alchemy—the provocative life and death of the baroque master, but also the speaker's own 'inherited trauma' as 'a child of [a] dictatorship,' which follows her into exile, prompting: 'This is the heart of the wound.' The artistry here is replete with skill and grace. 'History wedges itself / inside four syllables'—the thesis of this breathtaking book-length poem."

—Francisco Aragón, Final Judge, Alta California Prize

Ituzaingó: Exiles and Reveries / exilios y ensueños

Florencia Milito intimately explores the legacy of state terror associated with the U.S.-supported 1976 military dictatorship in Argentina. Taking its title from the street where the author's family house was burned down by the paramilitary, this collection examines the effects of political flight and exile, finding in language a source of resistance, an opening, an agnostic's blue door.

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